1) In Sitecore 5.3 this code returns the home children in the same way as in Shell UI:

Item root = db.Items["/sitecore/content/home"];

ChildList list = root.GetChildren(ChildListOptions.IgnoreSecurity);

foreach (Item itm in list) { Response.Write(itm.Name); }

2) Sitecore sorts children according to their SortOrder field firstly.

3) If items do not have the SortOrder field filled or the values are equal Sitecore sorts it according to “Subitems Sorting” field value of the parent item.

4) You can apply your own sorting by writing your own IComparer. Please add your own
/sitecore/system/Settings/Subitems Sorting/* comparer with such code structure:

public class CreatedComparer : Comparer


protected override int DoCompare(Item item1, Item item2)


// return item1.Statistics.Created.CompareTo

// (item2.Statistics.Created);

return {0 or 1 or -1};



5) Note: you can apply this to all the items based on a certain template by setting it via “Standard Values”.