On installations with a huge amount of media in the upload folder, you may experience serious delay when opening the File Explorer. If you feel that the upload folder’s existence doesn’t make much sense in File Explorer, you can make this folder invisible; this should speed up the performance.

Here are the steps:
1. Locate the File Explorer’s form under \sitecore\shell\Applications\Files\File explorer\ and copy it to \sitecore\shell\Override.

  1. In the newly copied file make the following changes:
    <DataContext ID="FileExplorerDataContext" DataContext="FilteredFileExplorerDataContext" DefaultItem="/" ShowRoot="true" Filter="Not(@@name='upload')"/> <DataContext ID="FilteredFileExplorerDataContext" DataContext="FileExplorerDataContext" DefaultItem="/" Filter="Not(@@name='upload')"/> As can be seen, I assigned a special folder name filter for the DataContext objects.

Now the contents of the upload folder should not be loaded to File Explorer.