What could be more fun than meeting your fellow Sitecore Enthusiasts and visiting beautiful Boston, especially in springtime? Learning about what’s new coming out, share ideas and best practices.
Well, you must have heard, we are doing it again!

As we still working hard on the agenda, but here are two known facts:

  1. Yes, I will be speaking about common implementation scenarios. Specifics are coming soon.

  2. Now exclusive information…just overheard it in the corridors of the marketing department.

This time we are going to have a special guest speaker: !
In the world of technology, you know Carl as one of the first VB programmers, an extra famous Microsoft enthusiast, and of course, a founder and co-host of .NET Rocks!

Again, specifics will be coming later, but rest assured that Carl’s inspirational message will leave no doubt that .NET Rocks! Along with that, we will be doing our own part, and show you exactly why Sitecore Rocks!

It is going to be so much fun! See you all in Boston!