This is a post about a maintenance update to the project, which is hosted on GitHub now.

The version got bumped to 2.1, which means that besides bug fixes, I was able to include some frequently requested features.
Simply put, I would not be able to do that without Sitecore developer community support, so big thanks goes to , , Adam Brauer, , @motoyugota, Kyle Linden (sorry if I forgot someone).

Here are some highlights of what was changed:

If you need to module for your Sitecore 6.6.0 solution, give it a shot. If you have any issues, please submit them . 

Finally, and this is what I should have done in the beginning, the and components of this project are now distributed via NuGet, so simply issue the following commands in the to get the install the module:

PM> Install-Package scSearchContrib.Crawler  
PM> Install-Package scSearchContrib.Searcher

And one last thing - the project now has home hosted on GitHub Pages: