After you get yourself familiar with the logic of Sitecore Scheduler,

There are two ways of doing that. The most elegant way is to create a "task" and a "schedule" item under the "/sitecore/system/Tasks" in the master database as described in this article

There is another way to approach the creation of the custom scheduled agents and you may already guessed it. You can simply develop an agent class (see below), compile it and provide the definition of your custom agent to the Sitecore Scheduler by defining it in the web.config:

 1: <scheduling>
 2: <frequency>00:00:10</frequency>
 3: <!-- default agents go here... -->
 4: <agent type="MyProj.MyAgent, MyDLL" method="Run" interval="00:10:00">
 5: <param desc="myparam">valueofmyparam</param>
 6: </agent>
 7: </scheduling>

The reference in the "type" attribute should correspond the existing class within existing assembly in the "bin" directory as usual.

The skeleton of any custom agent is shown below. You can dynamically pass different string parameters to your agent:

 1: public class MyAgent
 2: {
 3: // one string parameter that can be passed from the web.config definition
 4: private string myparam;
 6: // Constructor
 7: // Notice that it expects the parameter from the agent definition
 8: public MyAgent(string myparam)
 9: {
 10: this.myparam = myparam;
 11: }
 13: // A method that is dynamically executed by Sitecore Scheduler
 14: public void Run()
 15: {
 16: // do your processing here
 17: }
 18: }

Enjoy responsibly.